How to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding Day!

How to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding DayCan’t fit on your Dress? This is one of the dilemma’s soon to be brides may encounter. Putting on extra weight before your wedding day is sometimes unavoidable, especially with all of the food tasting and sleepless night due to heavy preparation for the occasion.

Adjusting your measurements for your gown can be done, however it may destroy the symmetry of the gown and there’s a bigger chance that your fabulous gown may lose its appeal.

If you want to lose weight and get a perfect toned body on your wedding day, here is the list of fitness tips that you can follow so you can shed pounds before your wedding!

Nothing beats feeling and looking good on the most special day in your life!

Small bites

I know that you want everything to be perfect and that includes the food that will be served on your wedding. It’s very important that you taste every food on the menu; Doing so will make you prone to gaining weight. But if you take small bites and control your urge to take your second and third bite it could help you prevent gaining extra weight.

Continue with your diet routines.

Arranging and organizing a wedding is really tiring and can be energy draining even if you have a wedding planner! Just the thought of the big day can give you mixed emotions and let your brain process a lot. Because of the anticipation and over thinking, you may sometime feel the desire to skip exercising because you are too tired or too overwhelmed.

When you skip a day without exercising there’s a big possibility that you will skip it again the next day and the following until you notice that you already gained weight. If hitting the gym or running on a treadmill may seem really inconvenient for you while you get involved with the preparation for your wedding, what I recommend is that you look for other exercise routines that will not drain more of your energy or exercises that will help you relax like meditation and yoga.

Drink a lot of water

Water is very beneficial for those who are on a diet and also for those who aren’t. Drinking a lot of it can really help you trim your waist, flatten your belly and make your skin look radiant. While you make arrangement and busy yourself with the wedding details it is best that you always have a bottle or a glass of water handy.

When your brain works the more your body gets tired and thirsty. Dehydration is often confused with hunger and it often leads to overeating.  If you want to stay slim and make your gown fit on your wedding Drink a lot of H20 and quench your thirst.

Do not be stressed.

Though being stressed in not unusual before weddings, it is best that you look for ways to fight it if you want to look good and fit on your wedding. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to look groggy and older than your age on your big day. Most soon to be brides suffer from lack of sleep before their wedding day and that makes them prone to overeating and stress.

To exempt yourself you can do diversion activities and relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises whenever you feel stressed. You can also have tea time or hot milk before bed if you want to promote sleep. Don’t let yourself be burden with all of the preparation, Let the planner do it for you.

Soup Up!

Soup can be a great addition on your meal when you try to slim down, According to research a bowl of soup before meals can help you save at least 700 calories per week, it can also help suppress your appetites making you feast less with food. Including it on your Daily meal will help you lose weight.

Here’s how to lose weight before your wedding day! Don’t let you figure ruin your gown and your special day. Every bride has the right to feel good and look perfect on their wedding day, follow these tips and make it happen!

Do you have any suggestions that we can add on the list? Feel Free to Comment!

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