Top 5 spices and herbs that can help you lose weight

Are you confused on what dietary supplement you should use to shed that extra pound? Worry no more your solution is just around your corner, take a look around it maybe just in your refrigerator or in your garden waiting for you to take notice. Here are the list of herbs that could make you slim and sexy.

You may wonder how spices and herbs could help you lose weight?

Aside from them being decorations on your garden or seasoning on your salad and gourmet, spices and herbs also has the capability to stimulate your metabolism and burn your excess fats making you slimmer and sexier.  Many of those who want to go on a diet are afraid or confused on what dietary supplement they should take. Primarily because of their awareness of the side effects that weight loss drugs can cause with long term use.

1.  Green Tea-

If you want to be refreshed while you are on a diet i highly recommend that you drink green tea to lose weight. Green tea has so much benefits that you can get from it making it the number 1 dieting agent when it comes to losing weight naturally. It will not only give you a slim and sexy body it can also make you look younger and feel younger.

This tea will give you an anti aging effect as it lower down your cholesterol and sugar level making you slim and healthy in no time. It is also rich in vitamin C that can make you less prone to viruses. Drinking Green tea REGULARLY can help you shed extra pounds faster as it rapidly burns your fats.  This tea with natural wonder lowers down your risk of having diabetes by lowering down your sugar level. Incorporating this herb in your diet will definitely give you the sexy body that you desire.

2. Red Pepper-

Having this spice added on your menu can stimulate you to drink more water thereby promoting hydration. As we all know water helps burn fat and decrease cholesterol level thereby helping us lose weight. Red pepper has low calories, has no fat, low in carbohydrates but rich in fiber. Adding it on your diet will definitely promote weight loss. Red pepper will not only make you lose weight it will also help you reduce your risk of having a heart disease it is also rich in vitamin c that help boost your immune system other than that red pepper contains high antioxidant level making you look younger and full of energy.

It is safer to add red pepper on your daily diet regimen than to try diet pills and supplements,   because it also has a chemical known as Capsaicin that you can also see on weight loss supplements it’s like getting the weight loss effect in a natural way hence eliminating all the possibility of unwanted side effects.  So the next time that you cook it is the best to add a little spice on your dish!

3. Aloe Vera-

Drinking its juice will surely flush all the harmful toxins away from your body.  This herb has a detoxifying effect making you sweat off all your extra calories and fats. Drinking its juice can also regulate your bowel movement making you less prone to constipation and making you more cleanse from the inside. Make sure to exercise regularly to speed up your weight loss process.

4. Ginseng –

This herb is not only known for its success in weight loss management it is also known as a medicinal ingredient. If you get tired easily that makes you turn your back on exercise , this is the best remedy for your problem. Using ginseng while you are on a diet can give you extra energy allowing you to be more active.

Ginseng is very effective in helping you lose weight because it reduces the carbohydrate that regulates your blood sugar and lessen your build up of fat. Aside from its weight loss effect it can also strengthen your immune system, improve your memory and increase you “Libido”.  If you love Extreme sports, romance and losing weight Ginseng is your best choice.

5. Ginger-

If you want to get a Flat tummy in no time, try dieting with ginger on side! This herb aids in digestion making it beneficial for those who wants to trim their weight. A study shows that Ginger decreases Cortisol level (a hormone that contribute in weight gain) that will help you get a flat tummy and a sexy body.  Ginger also has satiating property making you feel full thus, decreases your want to pig out. Try adding ginger on your tea and add a hint of lemon. With this refreshing drink it will surely make you lose weight in a delightful way.

You don’t need to spend more on diet supplements to lose weight with proper research and discipline you can get the body that you want using the list of herbs that you can see on your fridge. Get slimmer and sexier in a natural way!

Hope this little information could help you a lot.

November 17th, 2012 by