Natural Weight Loss: Soup Diet Plan


“I live on good soup, not on fine words.” –Moliere

Do you want to be skinny? Then live your life as what the quote says above. Stop saying “I want to be in good shape”, but start living your life with a SOUP DIET PLAN.

I was skinny. I used to wear sexy clothes. But, surprisingly, when I checked my weight last week, it went up from 110lbs 5 months ago to 130lbs. Since then; I started to be conscious again. I try to control my calorie intake as much as possible, but it has been so hard since I really love to eat.

There’s this restaurant which offers unlimited soup, rice, and drinks, and it has been my favorite place to eat for about 6 months now. The idea of doing having the soup diet plan started in this resto.

Natural Weight Loss: Soup Diet PlanI was talking to my friends while sipping the delicious hot soup, and told them about the depressing 20lbs I gained in just 5 months, and then I told them that from that time on, I would just sip a hot soup whenever I am starving. I was just kidding when I told them that, but I noticed that whenever I sip a soup before meal, I tend to consume a smaller amount of food than my usual food intake. So I decided to do the soup diet plan once a month. Just like what the water diet does, soup diet plan is essential for lessening our calorie intake.

The Soup Diet Plan

  • It is an eating plan which uses soup as the main instrument to lose weight rapidly
  • It is intended to decrease your calorie intake. Just like what the water diet does, soup diet plan makes us consume a smaller portion of what we usually eat.
  • A soup diet plan is intended for only a week
  • If you want to live your life with this kind of diet, you can do it every after 2 weeks

Facts about Cabbage that are Essential for Losing Weight:

100 grams of cabbage contains 25 calories only, it is high in calcium and dietary fiber and it contains very low saturated fat which are essential if you want to lose weight.

7-day Meal Plan: Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

(Remember that you can have cabbage soup at any time you want.

Day One: You can eat all the fruits you want, except bananas. Limit your drink to cranberry juice and water.

Day Two: No fruits. You can have any vegetables of your choice, be it raw, fresh, or cooked. Mashed potato for dinner.

Day Three: Stuff yourself with any fruits, again, except bananas. You can also have all veggies you want for this day. No mashed potato.

Day Four: Eat as many as 8 bananas for this day, and rink as many glasses of skim milk as you want.

Day Five: Six fresh tomatoes and 10-20 ounces of either beef, broiled fish, or broiled chicken. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water.

Day Six: Eat leafy green vegetables and match it up with beef. You can have 3 steaks at most for this day.

Day Seven: Stuff yourself with rice and vegetables for this day. Remember to choose brown rice over white rice, since the former contains more fiber which is beneficial for your healthy diet.

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