Fruits That Can Help You Lose Weight

Fresh fruits are best for you, most especially when you try to lose weight. While dieting you get a lot of cravings since you can’t eat most of the food that you love. These cravings can surely spoil your dieting if you don’t learn how to control it . Fresh Fruits in this case is your perfect partner so you can successfully lose weight.

Fruits That Can Help You Lose WeightFresh fruits are known for their high satiety value and the nutrients that they can provide, while dieting it can serve as your aid in correcting your nutritional needs, since you lose a lot of essential nutrients because the variety of food that you take is limited when you try to lose weight. To help you build a healthy menu, here are the fruits that can help you lose weight and be healthier at the same time!


Apricots are known for its nutritional and weight loss benefits. According to research Apricots can help prevent Skin disorders, Anemia, Cancer and Constipation. Apricots can easily make you feel full because of the high amounts of fiber and water present in Apricots. When eaten fresh Apricots only has low calories and fats.

Making it your snack while you try to lose weight will help you achieve your weight loss goal as it makes you healthier. Just make sure to avoid eating a lot of it when its dried because just like other dried goodies, Dried Apricots are rich with sugar and calorie content and you’ll surely gain weight if you over eat it.

Bing Cherries

The juicy goodness of Cherries is not only designed to please your taste buds, but also to help you shed pounds. The anthocyanin present in this fruit prevents fat build up as it boost your body’s fat fighting enzymes that melts the fat in your body, making it a snack alternative will help you lower down your cholesterol levels as it trims your waist and drop your pounds.

Moreover, Cherries has low calories and contains large amounts of fiber, and its just what you need when you aim to lose weight. Nevertheless, canned cherries and the dried variety may induce weight gain so you better avoid or limit your consumption of the preserved varieties.


Though this fruit does not make it to on your top list of favorite fruits for all season, It can be a perfect addition on your menu while you try to lose weight. Guava is jammed pack with vitamin C, Fiber, Copper and potassium. It also has small amounts of saturated fat and sodium, therefore munching on it whenever you feel like snacking can be a best habit that can make you lose weight.

Guava does not have a direct effect with speeding your metabolism or melting your fats but it nonetheless make you shed a lot of pounds by providing you enough nutrition that can save you from constant food cravings. Adding Guava on your meal plan and will surely help you lose weight and avoid colds all year round.


This fruit is best eaten during a hot day, because it can do best when it comes to quenching your thirst and making you feel refreshed. Every summer it’s a ritual that I keep a cantaloupe on my fruit basket, because it not only tastes good, it also help may stay fit and hydrated. Cantaloupe is rich with vitamins including A, B6, K and C. It has very low fat and sodium content, and eating it fresh will not harm your diet.

This fruits is abundant in your grocery store most especially during summer. It can be eaten in many ways and it will never fail your taste buds. Avoid seasoning it with salt when you plan to feast on it while you snack to maintain the nutritious content of the fruit.


Blueberries constantly gets recognition because of the health benefits that it provides, and aside from completing your nutritional needs, this delicious berry can also make you lose weight. This tartly-sweet berry has low calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol and including it on your oat meal during the first meal of the day or eating it when you feel like having snacks can really boost your capacity to lose weight.  Since it hastens your metabolism adding it on your platter while you try to lose weight can really help your dieting produce positive results.

Here is the list of fruits that can help you shed a lot of pounds! Nothing beats fresh fruits when it comes to preventing your food cravings and fat build up.

Starting today, you can start modifying your food choices by including fresh fruits on your meal plan and eliminating the sweets and junks that you usually eat!

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